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Split product.description in liquid, shopify

Shopify provides only description to be associated with product.  However on UI we need to show information under different sections and different places.

How to achieve this:

  1. Insert delimiter word between different contents.
  2. Use below code to split description based on delimiter in liquid file                                {% assign ProductContent = product.description | split: ‘delimiterWord’ %}
  3. Use ProductWordsArray to display different sections on UI  {{ ProductContent[2] }}




  1. There are different platforms (ipad/Mac/Windows/Android) available for consumers to consume app.  Better UX is offered when app is developed in platform native language.To support multiple frontend platforms, web api is becoming standard
  2. For frontend there are various libraries available that speed up development. My personal favorite is AngularJS because of following reasons

3. For server side logic I prefer C#. You can choose your own. What I want to point to is benefits of using ADO.NET over ORM

Why not ORM

  1. ORM requires strongly typed objects. For passing data to frontend why we even need typed objects. JSON is what frontend understands so change is server side type doesn’t matters.
  2. To have typed objects you need more classes.The moment you start writing more code, maintenance cost goes up. For a single change in database, you need to update model, update linq and object.
  3. More code requires more testing thus increasing overall development cost.
  4. Instead of focusing on logic your time is spent in maintain classes.


  1. All data related operations are at one place. If there is any change in logic update table/stored procedure and job done. :)J  No need for deployment, No need to update models and objects.
  2. SQL engine is optimized to perform SQL operations. No one can deny this fact :p
  3. Many people argue that SQL has learning curve, my argument is “If a person can write linq he can write basic SQL”.
  4. Testing part: call stored procedure from test project and verify. Functionalities are by default modular in case of Stored procedure hence easy to test and resolve


VMware Player and Hyper-V are not compatible. Remove the Hyper-V role from the system before running VMware Player

Sadly in Windows 8 you cannot run VMware and Hyper-V in parallel.

However you can run one at a time.


  1. Run command prompt with administrator privileges
  2. To use VMware Execute this command

    bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

  3. To Use hyper-v, execute this command

    bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

  4. Reboot your system

Windows Phone going to take over Android….

Just watched new features of Windows Phone 8.1. It has tremendous improvements over previous versions.

1. It is free for hardware manufactures, thus bringing phone cost lower than android ones

2. Android is a malware. As recently quoted by sundar Pichai android is not made for security. Windows will give a sense of security

3. Windows phone OS is very stable

4. Cortana the personal assistant, an awesome  must have feature.

5. As Windows OS holds a large 80%-90% of desktop user base. Windows phone will be lot more intutive.


Lets see in coming year or two, how things roll out